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    Turbine Engine Parts for Sale

    Aviation Marketing International (AMI) is a direct source for Honeywell TPE 331 Engine Parts and TFE 731 Engine Parts. With many variations of turbine engine parts for sale, we can provide you with consulting and technical support so that you make the best selection. In addition to the turbine engine parts specified, AMI also specializes in Aviation Consulting, Charter Services, and General Electric.AMI is continually growing and diversifying their product ranges by following the growing trends in the market, improving the standards in products, and ...

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    What is a Turbine Engine?

    Turbine Engine A specially designed machine that is often referred to as a “Gas Turbine”. In some instances, it is identified as a “Combustion Turbine”. This type of engine is often classified as an “Internal Combustion Engine” due to the fact that the combustion involving the fuel of the unit occurs when a special type of oxidizer is mixed with it in a carefully designed combustion chamber. This chamber is considered to be a very important part of ...

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